Is refurbished iPhone 6 great? Or should I just purchase a new one?

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Posted on: 05/11/17


There's a reason Apple products boast such an outspoken and devoted following: they're pretty, they're user-friendly, and they've topped the American Consumer Satisfaction Index's annual consumer satisfaction survey for the past 12 years and counting. So why doesn't everyone have one? Blame the price tag, because quality doesn't come cheap. If you want to learn absolutely everything there is to know about refurbished Apple products and learn a few hacks that will save you some serious cash, keep reading. We promise it's worth reading.


  We get a lot of reader questions like: "Are refurbished Apple products worth it?" or "Can I trust refurbished Apple devices?" The answer to these questions is, in a word, yes. BUT -- it depends on where you buy them. Refurbished electronics have a reputation for being buggy, broken or without any kind of meaningful warranty, but when you buy an Apple Certified refurbished item, it's guaranteed to be just as good as something brand new -- as long as you buy it directly from the Apple Certified Refurbished section of Apple's website. Apple Certified Refurbished items aren't going to be drastically cheaper than buying new (discounts hover around the 15 percent mark) but it still pays to go straight to the source for a few big reasons.


  A refurbished item was returned to the retailer because there was something wrong with it. When this happens, the retailer (or a third-party refurbishing outfit) takes it apart, fixes the problem and returns it to operational status before selling it again under a refurbished banner. Apple runs its refurbished items through pretty extensive testing. And since they are the ones that are making these products in the first place, that testing is going to be a lot better than the testing done by a resale company.


  If you're looking to buy a new Apple product at a significant discount, look into the Apple Reuse and Recycling Program. Apple will buy your unused smartphones, laptops and tablets (and they don't have to be Apple products!) and issue you an Apple Store gift card as payment. Even if the device you want to trade in for a discount isn't eligible for a trade-in at the Apple store, there are still a lot of places that will buy it from you. If you want more information on iPhones, please feel free to ask us in


  Apple refurbished iPhone 6 features the same warranty as their new counterparts. As we can see from the above, an iPhone 6 is still a better choice because of its exquisite outlook and powerful function. All the good features and the gorgeous outlook make it really attempting to have one instantly. Since it is out of date for a while, and assuming that you still want one, but now the best option for you is to buy a refurbished one online. In contrast, buying a refurbished iPhone is a good way to enjoy the good features of this device and save a lot of money. A refurbished iPhone is that it has been through previous software updates and is tested to be working. In case of a new machine, there may be uncertainty over whether the new device may adapt comparatively decent compared to the used one. By buying a refurbished one, you guarantee yourself a phone that has already been through this process of trial, error, and improvement.


  There are many distributors can offer you one good quality refurbished iPhone 6, but you can only rely on a trusted and experienced supplier. Cellphone age has be a reputable supplier for many years and the refurbished iPhone 6 unlocked sold here is fully inspected, repaired and tested to resume to a condition that the product will look like new in both function and cosmetic, however the price is really affordable and we also provide wholesale deals at cheaper price. So we sincerely hope to have business with you and you can visit the website and learn more.



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